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Who We Are

In our nearly 40 years of business, our TRL family has grown to include creative geniuses, decorated industry veterans, mathletes, engineering artists and many more big brains, hearts and personalities. We’re so incredibly proud of the talented individuals who’ve chosen to build their futures at TRL. Our goal is to provide each one of them with resources to reinforce their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. All while encouraging innovation without reservation.

We’re a family business, and that means treating every employee, customer and vendor like family – supporting the success of everyone who is touched by our enterprise. Our Grandfather, a farmer and banker, taught us these family values by example. Everyone around him felt important and empowered to do and be their best.

We still make important decisions around our grandpa’s kitchen table and it was his compassionate, collaborative approach to life that shapes our leadership style. In everything we do, we aim to be a “partner in and a contributor to the growth and success of our employees, customers and vendors.” That’s in our mission statement and we mean it.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to grow profi­tably and establish the service standard against which our competitors will be measured. We will continually strive to be a partner in and a contributor to the growth and success of our employees, customers and suppliers.

Core Values

  1. Never compromise our honesty and integrity

  2. Commit to excellence

  3. Strive to exceed customer expectations

  4. Employ only the most qualifi­ed individuals

  5. Insist on a positive attitude

  6. Maximize employee potential through training and development

  7. Provide an open and a participating management program that encourages creativity, innovation and decision making

  8. Continually improve performance through teamwork

  9. Listen to our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and owners)

  10. Open communication with stakeholders—no surprises

  11. Be happy

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Our People Make the Difference

We are a team of forward thinkers, can-doers and problem-solvers. Our culture is focused on keeping our family of creative masterminds happy, challenged, and motivated to never stop inventing and to NEVER stop having fun. Not only do we have the brightest minds in our industry, we’ve got a team that loves what they do and that loves working with each other.


Estimating Supervisor

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Service Technician

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Systems Designer II

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IT Engineer II

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Healthcare Division General Manager

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Contract Compliance Administrator


Fire Large Projects Technician


Employee Advocate & Benefits Manager


Fire Large Projects Technician

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Security Customer Care Rep.

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Service Technician


Fire TI Department Administrator


What we do

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To the Core Program:

When you’re doing your best work out in the field, your manager may not always be there to see it. TRL’s To the Core Program encourages employees to nominate and recognize their teammates for stellar customer service, teamwork, kindness, smarts… all of the things that make our team the best in the business! 


Badge of Honor Program:

We actively look for ways to say thank you to our team for sharing their time and talents with TRL, and our Badge of Honor program recognizes and rewards employees who are in it for the long haul! We’ve got some unusually high tenure around here — employees celebrating 10, 15 and 20-year anniversaries are not uncommon — so there’s always a reason to celebrate!


Employee Events:

Dodger Games, Beach Parties, Carnivals, Field Trips, Community Service Projects… since the beginning, making time to leave work at work and enjoy each other has been a priority. Maintaining work/life balance is important to us, and so our annual events calendar is stuffed with every possible flavor of fun.

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Team Building:

The team that plays well together works well together. When you are a part of TRL, you’ll find that making time to build community and friendships with your team is all in a day’s work. Join us and see what it’s like to enjoy coming to work every day!


Community Service:

Since TRL’s beginnings, we’ve been a partner with the communities we work in – doing our best to be a positive contributor to the people and places that we work alongside. From school supply drives to partnerships with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Produce Good, and the House of Ruth to name a few, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

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Training & Education:

One of our Core Values is Maximize employee potential through training and development. Our aim is to never stop learning, growing and getting better at what we do. While you’re here, you’ll be doing just that. We offer industry-specific certification, professional development courses, educational workshops and health/safety seminars.