We are wizards at engineering, design, installation, service, testing, monitoring, preventative maintenance and documentation for the following systems:

  • ID Credentialing

  • Access Control

  • Video Surveillance

  • Intercom & Emergency Phones

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Environmental Monitoring/Smart Sensing

  • Security/IT Integration

  • Facial Recognition


We’re Always Thinking Ahead . . .

Our Security Team Helps You Plan and Prepare for the Unexpected

We partner with you to create a comprehensive security plan that not only identifies the best solutions for you, but also uses your existing systems as a framework for creating a long-term master plan. This reduces capital expenses and ensures that every solution you add cooperates with your existing system. Our people have the freedom to innovate to meet your needs. In that way, we bring you additional strategic value to better leverage your technology and even create new tech if you need it.

You should know that we are so good at integration, industry manufacturers seek us out as advisory board members to help shape their technology so it best meets the needs of customers.

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