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Our IT brainiacs design, install, service, test and monitor the following systems:

  • Networking and Hardware

  • Cloud Support and Integration

  • Cyber Security

  • Monitoring and Patching

  • Telecommunications and Internet Services


We were the first . . .

And our IT Capabilities are still the Best in the Industry

We’ve long recognized what took our competitors years to figure out: today’s IT-centric security and life safety systems are dependent on stable, real-time integration with your existing and future systems. That’s why we’ve got an IT group working with each division, making sure that the myriad of solutions we offer cooperate with each other. We’re proud of our brainiac team and their thorough understanding of enterprise networks and databases, combined with an extensive knowledge of life safety and security applications.  We approach every project with an open mind, and we don’t stop at generally accepted limitations. We push past “It’s never been done” to “We just did it!”

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